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  • Your main vocation must be school (i.e., you spend more time at school than at work) to qualify for this ticket.

  • You must spend the majority of your year living outside of the contiguous United States to qualify for this ticket.

Breakout Sessions

  • Albert Mohler & Ligon Duncan

  • Mary Mohler, Keri Folmar & Erin Wheeler

  • Matt Merker

  • Jim Hamilton & Robert Cara

  • Derek Thomas

  • Geoff Chang

  • Peter Williams

  • Jonas Madureira

  • Brian Davis

  • Tony Reinke

  • Mark Dever & Ligon Duncan

  • Isaac Adams

  • Juan Sanchez & Miguel Núñez

  • Simon Gathercole

  • Al Mohler

  • John Lee & Geoff Chang

  • Clint Humfrey & Paul Martin

  • Afshin Ziafat

  • Brooks Buser & Ryan Robertson

  • Mez McConnell


Paid Add-on: Pre-Confernces

There are two time slots and locations for T4G Pre-conferences this year, so you can pick two of the three available options for those extra hungry for teaching.

1. On Monday, April 18th, there will be one Pre-conference located at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary from 2:00 PM - 6:30 PM.

2. On Tuesday, April 19th, there are two Pre-conferences located on-site at T4G from 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM.

  • Sponsored by: The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Sponsored by: CROSS

  • Sponsored by: 20schemes

Paid Add-on: Meal Plan

For more information see t4g.org/plan/menu.

Support International Pastors

Each T4G we provide scholarships to select international pastors to cover registration, travel, food, and lodging costs to attend the conference.

Suggested Amounts

Demographic Information

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Cancellation Policy:
T4G22 Registration Cancellations:
$30 cancellation fee from September 8 December 1.
$60 cancellation fee from December 2 February 28.
No refunds will be given after February 28.

Meal Plan and Pre-Conference Cancellations:
$5 cancellation fee for the Pre-conference and Meal Plan until February 28.
No refunds will be given after February 28.

All cancellation submissions must be made by emailing info@t4g.org.

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